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Welcome from the Mr. Mark Turnbull the Headmaster of Kent College, Canterbury
Hello. My name is Mark Turnbull and I'm the Headmaster here at Kent College, Canterbury. I want to 
welcome you all into the family of schools that now make up Kent College. We have a history that stretches back over 135 years, and in that time, we have developed a reputation for excellence in 
education. We are regularly ranked as one of the top IB schools in the UK, and our A level results are 
also excellent.

This year, we have sent children on to the top universities across the UK, including Oxford and Cambridge and Russell group institutions, as well as universities across the world. At the heart of a Kent College education is the individual and valuing who they are to give them the confidence to embrace all the opportunities to learn and thrive at school. All Kent College schools are founded on the shared values of integrity, respect and tolerance. This means that we're always true to our shared aims, that we welcome people of all abilities and all backgrounds, and we continue to hold a respect for ourselves, for each other, and, just as importantly, the world in which we're growing up. We very much hope that in the years ahead, Kent College West Cairo, will grow with Kent College Canterbury and Kent College Dubai to share the learning opportunities for all our children.

I very much hope that in that time, I will have the chance to meet you in person as well.
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