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Primary Newsletter 15th June 2023
Time is flying by as we approach the end of term next week on Thursday 22nd June and we finish the year with the Summer Show and Prize Giving.
EY Newsletter 15th June 2023
What an amazing first year we have had in Early Years! I am so proud of every single child and it has been a delight watching them grow and learn over the year.
Primary Newsletter 8th June 2023
As usual it has been a busy week with lots of different things going on.
EY Newsletter 8th June 2023
Time is rushing by and the end of the school year is almost upon us!
Primary Newsletter 1st June2023
I hope that you all enjoyed the outstanding work on display at our first Art Exhibition.
EY Newsletter 1st June 2023
We hope you enjoyed the amazing art exhibition this week, the children put a lot of effort into their artwork and I know they were incredibly proud showing you what they had done!
Primary Newsletter 25th May 2023
On Thursday we had a preliminary visit by two Principals of school in Cairo for future membership of British Schools of the Middle East
EY Newsletter 25th May 2023
We are looking forward to Mr Mark Turnbull visiting us again next week.
Primary Newsletter 18th May 2023
As usual it has been a busy week with lots of different things going on.
EY Newsletter 18th May 2023
The Early Years children thoroughly enjoyed French Day on Monday!
Primary Newsletter 11th May 2023
Congratulations to all students who were busy with their Ministry Arabic and Social Studies exams this week.
EY Newsletter 11th May 2023
The Early Years children have had a brilliant week, enjoying the weather and doing lots of outside learning!
Primary Newsletter 3rd May 2023
The Summer Term has started off well with the students pleased to see each other and their staff after the Eid and Easter break.
EY Newsletter 3rd May 2023
I hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable holiday.
Primary Newsletter 12th April 2023
It has been a long and successful Spring Term with many highlights that come to mind;
EY Newsletter 12th April 2023
What a fantastic Spring Term we have had!
Primary Newsletter 6th April 2023
As we come to the end of our Second Term may I encourage you to read the Education Report
Primary Newsletter 30th March 2023
As you are aware Simon James, the Head of the Junior School at Kent College UK came over for his Education Inspection
EY Newsletter 30th March 2023
Thank you for being so super with our new timings this week!
Primary Newsletter 23rd March 2023
Another action packed week draws to a close as we enter the Holy Month of Ramadan.
EY Newsletter 23rd March 2023
Ramadan Kareem! Wishing all our families a peaceful and blessed month ahead
Primary Newsletter 16th March 2023
Thank you to Mr Mahmoud and Ms Shehenda for their wonderful thought provoking assembly about Ramadan.
EY Newsletter 16th March 2023
It was another busy week in Early Years this week, with the children busy coding, pickling vegetables, reading, tessellating shapes and learning all about minibeasts!
Primary Newsletter 9th March 2023
It has been a wonderful busy week on returning to school after half term with so much going on!
EY Newsletter 9th March 2023
Welcome back to school! I hope you had a restful and relaxing half term holiday.
KCWC- Educational Quality 2023
The framework used for this educational quality report is from the Independent Schools Inspectorate.
Primary Newsletter 23rd February 2023
It has been a wonderful way to end the week with so much going on before our well deserved half term break when we can recharge our batteries for the second half of term.
EY Newsletter 23rd February 2023
We had a fantastic time at Kidzania on Tuesday! We got to take part in different activities, trying various different professions and thoroughly enjoyed the day!
EY Newsletter 16th February 2023
We had a great time during our STEAM day yesterday where we got to conduct an amazing volcano experiment in the Science lab!
Primary Newsletter 16th February 2023
On Wednesday, the College enjoyed a very interesting STEAM day which was run by LIVIT.
Primary Newsletter 9th February 2023
As usual it has been a busy week with a good number of absences due to the cold and windy weather which has meant that a good number of students were away with coughs and colds.
EY Newsletter 9th February 2023
We are looking forward to our trip to Kidzania in a couple of weeks! Please check your child’s folder for the consent letter today.
Primary Newsletter 2nd February 2023
There have been lots of coughs and colds in school this week and probably not helped by the sandstorm on Wednesday.
EY Newsletter 2nd February 2023
We have had another great week, with some fantastic learning going on in Early Years!
Primary Newsletter 25th January 2023
On Monday 23rd January Kent College West Cairo travelled to Winchester School to play both Football and Basketball.
EY Newsletter 25th January 2023
We have had another busy week in Early Years, talking about people who help us at home
Primary Newsletter 19th January 2023
I was very proud to see all of the pupils in Primary taking part in the Inter-House Football matches this afternoon.
EY Newsletter 19th January 2023
We have made a fantastic start to our ‘People Who Help Us’ topic by having a visit from a hospital anaesthetist this week!
Primary Newsletter 12th January 2023
Happy New Year! I hope that you had an enjoyable and restful time in the holidays whilst creating memories with your child/children.
EY Newsletter 12th January 2023
Welcome back to school! I hope you all had a relaxing, enjoyable holiday.
Primary Newsletter 15th December 2022
As we move towards the end of term it continues to be a busy and happy community with so much going on!
EY Newsletter 15th December 2022
What a fantastic first term we have had! It has been lovely seeing all the Early Years children settling in to school life
Primary Newsletter 8th December 2022
It was wonderful to start the week with our first ever School trip to the Pharaonic village.
EY Newsletter 8th December 2022
We are very excited to be going on our first trip next week!
Primary Newsletter 1st December 2022
As you know Kent College West Cairo is a very friendly school where unkindness and bullying are not tolerated.
EY Newsletter 1st December 2022
Welcome back to school! I hope you all had a relaxing, enjoyable holiday.
Primary Newsletter 24th November 2022
It was wonderful to host Mr Mark Turnbull, Headmaster of Kent College UK and Mrs. Claire Shaw
EY Newsletter 24th November 2022
We are so proud of all the fantastic reading our Early Years children are doing, both at school and at home!
Primary Newsletter 17th November 2022
Once again it has been a busy week at school dominated by our Anti Bullying Week
EY Newsletter 17th November 2022
We have had a busy week, with Anti-bullying Week and Eco Day!
Primary Newsletter 10th November 2022
It has been another busy week with us celebrating International STEAM Day on Tuesday
EY Newsletter 10th November 2022
We have a busy week coming up with Anti-bullying week next week, and Eco Day on 15th November!
Primary Newsletter 3rd November 2022
We had a fabulous Halloween celebration on Monday! The school looked wonderfully spooky with its plethora of excellent decorations
EY Newsletter 3rd November 2022
What a super first week back we have had! Our Halloween celebrations on Monday were enjoyed by all
Primary Newsletter 20th October 2022
As we break for a well earned half-term holiday I want to thank you on behalf of the school
EY Newsletter 20th October 2022
I can’t believe we have already finished our first half term of the year!
Primary Newsletter 13th October 2022
Thank you for attending the Parents' Meetings on Tuesday.
EY Newsletter 13th October 2022
It was lovely getting the opportunity to meet most of you at our Parent Teacher Meetings on Tuesday
Primary Newsletter 5th October 2022
My congratulations to the students this week who have worked hard on their baseline tests.
EY Newsletter 5th October 2022
We are well into the term now and it has been lovely to see the children settled and developing a real enjoyment of learning!
Primary Newsletter 29th September 2022
It has been a successful week with so many wonderful images of children enjoying themselves at school
EY Newsletter 29th September 2022
We have had another exciting week in Early Years this week!
EY Newsletter 6th April 2023
As we come to the end of our Second Term may I encourage you to read the Education Report
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