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135-Year-Old Legacy Of International Educational Expertise

Kent College West Cairo is an extension to the Kent College Family of Schools.
Bringing to Egypt a 135 year old legacy of educational expertise.
It is the first school in Egypt to be fully managed and operated by its founding school in the UK.
We offer an outstanding British Education from Foundation Stage 1 to Sixth Form following the National British Curriculum and IB.



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West Cairo Campus

Map of Western Union Locations

Kent College West Cairo, Admission Info

Admission Information

Kent College West Cairo is a British school in Egypt. Please find below more information on getting started.

We welcome pupils of all abilities who will benefit from the rigorous academic, personal and social programs on offer. We are proud of our visible commitment to inclusion, diversity and international mindedness.

​Admissions open November 2021 for FS1 to YR6.

Parents are encouraged to contact admissions by email at admissions@kentcollegeegypt.com

Kent College West Cairo, Admission Process

Admission Process

1. Complete the applicable Online Application Form 
2. Parent visit and interview
3. Child assessment and registration


All children will be assessed prior to entry, ideally at Kent College West Cairo. Assessments will be arranged by Admissions after the application and parent visit is completed.

Children joining the Foundation Stage will be assessed in an informal, play-based classroom setting for school readiness.

Children joining the Junior School (Years 1-6) will be assessed in an age- appropriate reading, writing and math skills assessment.


Children will be offered a place at Kent College West Cairo subject to successful completion of the entrance assessments and admission procedures.


Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Early Years Foundation Stage (Age 3-5)

Active learning through play and experimental investigation is an essential basis for effective education at every stage. Our world-class educators plan for and create stimulating environments that facilitate learning through capitalizing on the children’s interests.
The children are encouraged to lead their own learning, and as such, the organization of space, materials, and people is designed to support this independence. Learning provision is planned to promote each skill in communication, creativity, and problem-solving.
Within the day-to-day life of the classroom, there is a carefully considered schedule, which provides a framework for planning. Children learn to make decisions, ask questions and reflect on their own learning.
Careful observations of the children’s development allow the teachers to make informed judgments about the learning taking place and possible next steps, to plan relevant, challenging, and motivating experiences for each child.
Throughout the day, teachers will prepare and facilitate activities to encourage skills and knowledge in all seven areas of learning, in order for children to achieve the 17 Early Learning Goals at the end of Foundation Stage 2. 

Kent College Extra Curricular Activities | ECAS

Activities that develop pupils’ skills

Extra Curricular Activities refer to activities, programs and learning experiences that complement, in some way, what our pupils will learn in school.

We believe that our extra curricular activities programme should develop attitudes of cooperation, critical thinking, citizenship, sportsmanship and teamwork, as well as allowing pupils’ talents and interests to flourish under expert guidance, support and tuition from a range of highly qualified and enthusiastic staff.

An enormous strength of Kent College is the wonderful array of activities that take place outside the classroom. The activities programmed is designed to allow each pupil to find an area or areas where they can discover and develop their skills.


Kent College West Cairo Vision, mission and Values

Kent College Egypt Objectives


Kent College West Cairo School was established with the objective of providing the same high-quality education to families in Egypt as that offered by it's founding school Kent College Canterbury, while reflecting the local context and expectations of Egypt.

Both schools promote tolerance and respect for others and aim to provide each pupil with an individual educational pathway that will fully prepare them for adult life.


Junior School

Junior School (Age 5-11)

We aim to be one of the best British Curriculum Primary Schools in Egypt. As such, we deliver the National Curriculum for England (NCFE).

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