Senior School

Senior School (Age 11-15)

Cultivating Young Minds for a Global Future

Students begin their Senior School journey at Kent College West Cairo by enrolling in Year 7. This marks the beginning of a fulfilling academic and personal development adventure at one of the top British international schools in Cairo.   Each student is assigned a dedicated personal tutor who diligently manages their academic and pastoral requirements, ensuring they receive the necessary support to excel as creative, collaborative and thoughtful global citizens.

Beyond Textbooks: A Holistic Learning Journey

At Kent College West Cairo, we believe in giving our students a well-rounded education that goes beyond just memorizing facts. Our British curriculum is renowned for its excellence. Our teachers are passionate about what they teach and they make learning fun and interesting. We want our students to love learning and to want to continue learning for the rest of their lives.

Personalized Support: Your Child’s Success is Our Priority

As soon as a student walks through our doors, they are paired with a mentor and guide, a devoted tutor. This personalized approach ensures that each student receives the support they need to flourish academically, emotionally, and socially.  By keeping a careful eye on students’ development, identifying areas in which they might need more help, and celebrating their successes, tutors create the caring and encouraging environment that is characteristic of a British international schools In Cairo.

Building a Strong Community: The House System

Like most of the world’s top international British curriculum schools, we have a house system. It is based on the houses of our sister school: Kent College Canterbury.  With the help of this distinctive house system, Kent College West Cairo nurtures its very strong sense of community.  Students are assigned to one of our four competitive houses upon enrolment: Augustine, Becket, Marlowe, or Chaucer. Students from all year groups can work together, foster friendships, and engage in healthy competition in these houses.  Houses engage in a range of social events, academic competitions, and athletic events all year long, encouraging a sense of leadership and teamwork.

AI and STEAM Education: Equipping Students for the Future

Being a sister school to one of the top international schools in the UK, we understand how important it is to get students ready for the demands of the twenty-first century. As part of our commitment to STEAM education, our curriculum fosters creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities by integrating science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics courses into the learning process.  The initial letters of these five subjects give us the STEAM acronym.  Students are encouraged to experiment, invent, and think outside the box through a variety of engaging activities, such as hands-on lab experiments, robotics workshops, and art-infused engineering projects.  We also develop and introduce the latest Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and Augmented Reality (A.R.) breakthroughs in everything we do, from communicating and simplifying our daily functions, to aiding and upskilling our students’ workflows and assessments. With these innovative approaches, students are not only able to thrive in these areas but also acquire the critical thinking abilities needed to successfully pilot their careers and relationships in a technologically and innovatively driven future.

A World of Opportunities: Global Citizenship

At Kent College West Cairo, we raise global citizens who are aware of the different cultures, ideas, and problems in today’s world. Our students come from all over the world, and we encourage them to learn from each other’s differences. We also encourage them to join Model UN programmes, work with people from other cultures, and work together internationally. This helps them develop a global perspective and a sense of responsibility for the world. To these ends, having close ties with our sister schools in the UK and Dubai, gives our students and teachers a unique advantage over other British curriculum international schools in Cairo.

Kent College West Cairo: Investing in Your Child's Future

Choosing the most suitable British international school in Cairo for your child is a crucial decision. At Kent College West Cairo, we offer a unique educational experience that goes beyond conventional education. Our dedicated educators, personalized learning approach, robust house system, and future-focused curriculum, based on the British curriculum, empower students to cultivate an enduring passion for learning, build strong character, and emerge as confident, well-rounded individuals, equipped to thrive in a globalized world.

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Teachers will ensure that the experiences they provide give the children the opportunity to develop these different characteristics.

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