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Why Join Kent College West Cairo -
A British International School in Egypt?

  • Kent College’s connection to its founding institution in the UK guarantees a top-notch education, providing students with a modern and comprehensive learning experience.
  • Kent College provides students with an exceptional education, being one of the best IGCSE schools, IB schools, and being top British schools in Egypt.
  • Kent College ensures high-quality education and aligns with prestigious institutions like the British Council Egypt Schools, Cambridge, Pearson, Excellence in Expat Education and is recognised by the Ministry of Education in Egypt and a British Council accredited schools in Egypt.
  • Kent College is committed to meeting the standards of British international schools, ensuring students are exposed to diverse global perspectives.
  • Kent College offers students a renowned education system that focuses on critical thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication.
  • Kent College’s modern campus provides students with well-equipped classrooms, laboratories, libraries, and performing art spaces, as well as swimming pools and fostering a holistic educational experience.

Top British International Schools in 6th of October

Experience the legacy of a 135-Year-Old British International Education – The Academic Excellence You Expect

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    Accreditation & Awards

    Kent College ensures high-quality education and Excellence
    in Exact Education and is recognised by the Ministry
    of Education in Egypt.