Diverse & Inclusive

Kent College West Cairo, as well as being one of the top academic British international schools in Cairo, takes pride in being an inclusive school.

Our primary objective is to offer every opportunity for children and young people to achieve their best educational outcomes. We achieve this by providing a broad and balanced British curriculum, along with a comprehensive range of extracurricular activities.

All students at our school follow the English National Curriculum, fostering their growth into confident individuals with the ability to effectively communicate their thoughts. This education prepares them for a smooth transition into the next phase of their lives.

Children of all abilities are challenged and supported at Kent College as one of the top British International schools in Cairo. Many of our students are academically highly able or may have artistic or sporting talents; these children may be categorized as gifted and talented. Other children may need additional support to thrive because they have special educational needs or a disability (SEND). Our dedicated team of professionals works tirelessly to remove barriers and ensure that students with SEND and those identified as gifted and talented are offered tailored opportunities for success.

At Kent College we have a strong support department that will offer children tailored educational programmes which include assessments, reports, IEP development, parents’ consultancy, academic support and environmental accommodation through a variety of well-established approaches.
Kent College is an inclusive school and values the importance of providing the best practices required to support individuals with special educational needs and help them move through the educational system successfully.  We at Kent College are aware of the many challenges families often face within the educational system and we appreciate the time and dedication required from families to offer their children the best practices within and outside of school.

As a British International school in Cairo, our primary goal within the support department, amongst many others, is to provide our students with the best environment, tailored to their needs, to help them flourish.  We also strive to support their parents along the way.

Teachers will ensure that the experiences they provide give the children the opportunity to develop these different characteristics.