Community Services

Do All The Good You Can

Said by John Wesley in 1799 have been deeply rooted in the foundation of Kent College since its establishment in 1885. Today, we continue to serve as the guiding principles of our school values. At Kent College, we believe in the transformative impact of service to others, acting justly or showing kindness. We are dedicated to making meaningful connections and partnerships within our local community and across borders to enhance the lives of those around us.

While our classrooms provide invaluable learning experiences, we remain ever mindful that the world extends far beyond their walls. We inspire our students to recognize their place as active participants in the world, not mere observers. Through innovative initiatives, we foster opportunities for charitable contributions, engage in environmental projects, and empower students to take a hands-on approach to volunteering and leading community endeavors.

“Together, let us harness the power of community, making a lasting and positive difference in the lives of others.”