Trips & Camps

An Exciting Learning Journey

At Kent College, we believe in the importance of school trips as they offer students the opportunity to learn while exploring new environments. These trips provide a welcome break from the traditional classroom setting, making education more engaging and enjoyable for students across all year groups. Our school takes pride in the numerous educational trips organized throughout the year, and we are particularly delighted when we receive positive feedback from trip guides. They often commend our students for their excellent manners, good behavior, keen interest in learning, and confidence.

During the summer, we visit our sister school in Canterburyََِ. The experience is filled with a variety of activities, including punting on the River Stour, exploring the charming city of Canterbury, and a trip to the historic Leeds Castle. Students also experience thrilling adventures at Go Ape on zip wires and visit London to catch a performance of “Chicago” at the theatre. The trip to Margate, a British seaside town, offers a unique experience as students encounter the unpredictable British weather, experiencing all four seasons in a single afternoon. Overall, this trip is a resounding success, enjoyed by both students and staff alike.

Kent College West Cairo stands among the best British schools in Egypt, providing a well-rounded education through engaging and enriching experiences like these educational trips.