Assessments for FS1 to Year 1:

Assessments are conducted by the Early Years Head. These assessments occur in a casual,  play-based environment,  where children are grouped together  and observed for school readiness. This involves assessing their motor  skills,  language  proficiency,  and  ability  to listen and follow instructions.

*Parents may join if their child demonstrates the ability to separate comfortably.

Assessments for Year 2:

Admission assessment for Year 2 undergo evaluations in English and Maths through a paper test. This helps determine their strengths, areas of improvement, and  whether  additional  support  is necessary.  Following  the  test, they  meet  with  an  Academic  Representative  for  a brief discussion  on  behaviour and communication. A writing test is also conducted to evaluate their writing skills and vocabulary.
Assessments for Year 2
Assessments For Years 3 – Year 13

Assessments For Years 3 – Year 13:

Admission  assessment  for  Year  3 up  to Year 13 take the CAT4 test,  an  international  online assessment  featuring  multiple-choice  questions.  This helps in understanding their cognitive abilities and academic potential. Afterward, they meet with an Academic Representative for a chat, behaviour observation, and a short writing test for vocabulary and writing skills assessment.

Application Feedback: Parents receive a formal email within five days of the assessment date, notifying them of the application’s outcome – either acceptance or rejection. A follow-up call will be made to offer further assistance if needed. Depending on the Academic Representative’s decision, re-assessments or a visit to Kent College may be required.

Overseas Assessments

When applications are received from international families, the school can collaborate with the child’s  current  school to conduct evaluations. Alternatively, a Zoom-based assessment can  be organised,  tailored  to  the  child’s  age  and  the desired year level. Parents  will  be provided with all essential information through emails or phone calls. They will also have the opportunity to interact with the school’s Heads via Zoom meetings.