Sixth Form

Sixth Form (Age 16-17)

Value Oneself, Others and The World Around Us

At Kent College, the sixth form is more than just the last two years of secondary education; it’s the beginning of a career as an independent and responsible global leader. You will be following a British curriculum at a top British international school in the heart of Cairo.The curriculum provides academic rigor and prioritizes your personal growth in a transforming atmosphere that will help you reach your full potential and develop into a confident, well-rounded person prepared to make change in our world. 

Academic Excellence: A Launchpad for Your University Success

At Kent College, our A-level and IB programme are intended to be both demanding and productive. In small class sizes, with knowledgeable and enthusiastic teachers, you will get individualized attention and the chance to learn more about topics that really capture your interest.  Through independent research, stimulating conversations, and problem-solving exercises, we go well beyond memorisation to promote critical thinking skills. This dynamic setting gives you a solid academic foundation and gets you ready for the demands of the world’s best universities.

Your Holistic Development: Promoting Diversity and Balance

We place a high value on the holistic development of our students, recognising that academic performance is just one aspect of their growth. 

To foster well-rounded individuals, we offer a comprehensive programme that includes a diverse range of extra-curricular activities and community service projects. 

You will have the opportunity to participate in various clubs and societies, engage in sports, explore the arts, music, and theater. 

These activities promote the development of leadership, creativity, and teamwork – all essential qualities for success in life.  

Additionally, our community service initiatives cultivate compassion and a sense of social responsibility, inspiring you to make positive contributions to society, as part of our British international school in Cairo and as a citizen of the world, wherever your ambitions and talents take you.

Leading Your Way: Cultivating Leadership and Social Responsibility

At Kent College, our Sixth Form experience is enhanced by the emphasis on leadership and personal development. Our programmes are carefully selected to give you the skills and confidence you need to lead and inspire others. There are many opportunities for leadership, such as leading community projects, planning school events, and serving on student councils. By fostering resilience, adaptability, and a strong sense of ethics, these experiences will help you prepare for the challenges of both their future careers and higher education.

Teachers will ensure that the experiences they provide give the children the opportunity to develop these different characteristics.